Our Leadership Team

YOSA has a multi-disciplinary board of governors that supports  that is actively responsible for policy decisions and supports management in delivering the organizational promise.  

Dr Thobeka S Nkomo

Head of Department and Social Work Lecturer at University of the Witwatersrand

Mr. Garth Smith (Chairperson)

Chief Executive Officer of Silica; YOSA funding partner 

Susy James

Qantas Airways staff member who is a long-time friend of YOSA 

Brolin Castellino

Qantas Airline Pilot

Melody Siyaduba (Treasurer)

Finance & Audit Committee - Chartered Accountant and is the Regional Reporting and Control Manager at Barclays Africa Regional Office.

Mr. Godfrey Tivani

 Stakeholders Engagement - Detective in the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit of the South African Police Service

Dr. Josiah Nyanda (Secretary)

 Lecturer: English and Critical Thinking. University of the Witwatersrand